For a limited time only! During the holiday season you can enjoy this decadent, pampered and well deserved gift set exclusive to the HPS store! For the bathtub enthused smokers, this set has it all! Light a beautiful shimmering crystal replica candle while you soak in the Delush-ious vegan CBD bath and have yourself a tub toke! Finish it off by treating your body to a slathering of the soothing Delush CBD whipped body butter sure to nourish tired, winter dry skin! Includes: 1 x Delush CBD enriched bath bomb (you choose scent) 1 x Delush CBD enriched whipped body butter (you choose scent) 1 x genuine hand made clear quartz crystal pipe (includes 1 extra stainless steel screen) 1 x ZenDen crystal molded luxury candle (you choose color) 1 x surprise high quality genuine crystal/gemstone  Check out all the gift sets at HPS, available until January 2nd!SAVINGS - QUALITY - GIFT WRAPPED Bath Bombs:Drop your whole heart in the bath and relax (literally)! Sweet Hearts make for a great conclusion to the end of a long day and are an excellent way to enhance your normal beauty regimen routine. Body Butter:Delushiously rich like buttercream frosting, with amazing benefits instead of the calories! Whipped Body Butters are perfect for combating dry, flakey skin caused by eczema, psoriasis, and rashes as it is rich in nutrients. If you’re striving for velvety smooth skin; we made this for you.

The Highness Soak n’ Smoke