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Gorgeous rounded lip crystal pipe.


These crystal pipes offer a high quality & very comfortable experience with a rounded, smooth lip and convenient size.


Available in

  • Rose Quartz : Resonates most deeeply with the heart chakra and supports healing obstacles to love & relationships, both to the self and to others. Excellent for recovery from grief, trauma & heart conditions.
  • Amethyst : Resonates most deeply with the third eye & crown chakras and is excellent for soothing neurological conditions, nervous system conditions, and mental health. Promotes healing dreams, imagination and spiritual journeys.
  • Black Obsidian : Resonates most deeply with the base chakra, supporting a grounded connection to the Earth, protection from harmful energies and deep cleansing of negativity present in the energetic body.
  • Dream Amethyst : Resonates most deeply with the third eye chakra, opening up our abilities to recieve the messages of synchronicities, our guides, while still protecting our mental health. Also excellent for expanding creativity and dream work.
  • Green Aventurine : Resonates most deeply with the heart chakra, and promotes expansive connections to nature, abundance, and protects against environmental stressors. Often used to attract prosperity & is considered to be very lucky.
  • Labradorite : Resonates most deeply with the third eye & throat chakras, offers powerful psychic protection for empaths & those working with alternate realities in their practice. Supporting safe & effective spiritual expansion.
  • Clear Quartz : Resonates throughout our chakras and is known to keep our energy fields clear in many ways as well as enhance the properties of other crystals & medicines. Great for supporting overall wellness and purification in all situations.
  • Fluorite : Resonates most deeply with the throat & third eye chakras, but in it's rainbow essence assists throughout our energy fields, protecting, cleansing & rejuvinating. Known to enhance concentration & clarity, and supports learning environments too.
  • Lapis Lazuli : Resonates most deeply with the throat chakra, opening expression, morality, and truthful communication. Supporting authentic integrity, protection, and promoting inner harmony as well as physical issues arising in the throat, neck & shoulders.
  • Tigers Eye : Resonates most deeply with the solar plexus & sacral chakras, promoting balanced will power, strength, courage and emotional healing. It can also aid in accessing & supporting kundalini energies & awakening.
  • Citrine : Resonates most deeply with the sacral & solar plexus chakras, supporting a sense of warmth, joy, and confidence. Can be useful in promoting gut & spinal health, abundance and prosperity.




  • Size: 8-10cm
  • 100% natural crystal stone
  • Removable stainless steel metal screen


** All High Priestess Spirals products are smudged, cleared and energized prior to delivery, infused with the highest intention of love **

**please note, our crystal pipes are handmade and there may be some surface scratches, cracks, or other imperfections. Colors & textures may vary according to natural variations in the stone, and each pipe is different and unique.**

Rounded Lip Crystal Pipe - Choose your Stone Selection

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