For a limited time only! During the holiday season you can enjoy the superb quality of this standard sized, exclusive walnut HPS rolling tray complete with genuine RAW. brand rolling essentials, a gift set exclusive to the HPS store!


Included: 1 Standard size rolling tray, 1 pack Raw rolling papers, Raw filter book, Raw stash tin, and Raw rolling machine!


Check out all the gift sets at HPS, available until January 2nd!



About the Tray:

These amazing portable altar & rolling trays are solid walnut.


Gorgeous, quality woodworking made right here in Alberta!


These trays are crafted with much care and longetivity in mind. They are lux, sturdy, high quality trays containing no toxic coatings while remaining simple to clean and care for. An item to last & love for years to come. 


Utilize this product as a portable altar for spells. You can also energize & protect your ceremony items by placing on the triple spiral and leaving for a period of time to infuse. Or use this tray to roll up and prepare your cannabis (also a ceremonial act in itself)

Rollin' HPS


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