Summer Daze

Thank you <3

for being with me on this journey.

The High Priestess Spirals project has been evolving, expanding and becoming more than I ever imagined it could be. Even while our world has been turned around, I've been holding onto the knowing that HPS is meant to continue and has much more to bring our community. The insights coming to me when I feel into my body & soul for answers about HPS are simply joyful, humbling and vibrationally expansive. I continue to feel honoured to carry this project through into fruition and share it with you. And as we all navigate forward from here, I feel this project blossoming again.

Although I remain cautious still, and have implemented increased sterility in order processing and had until now put my sessions on hold.

I am now again available to book sessions! Book with me HERE

Increased sanitization efforts will be used between clients as well as face masks as needed. I provide cannabis & plant medicine consultations, and or intuitive recommendations, bodywork and more!

Lots of new happenings in the HPS store!

Pictured left is our new ZenDen Candles, molded from authentic crystals & finished to look just like them. These are gorgeous pieces of art, items of ritual & clean to burn (no harsh chemicals/carcinogens are released during burns).

I've been focused on sourcing more quality products and streamlining the order process. I know you'll enjoy your experience in the online store!

Let me know what you think!


AND in other news...

Check out Black Diamond Studio!

This amazing gem in my town of Blackfalds, AB now has my store items available for sale (limited stock available)! They are a lovely studio of talented nail technicians and estheticians who I can honestly feel confident recommending to you for your salon needs! Check them out and see the ZenDen candles in person displayed ever so gorgeously!

I invite you to engage with this post publicly or privately!

I'd love to hear from you all about how you've coped during this difficult & trying time, what medicines have supported you and where you're going next. I would love to make this HPS project a community of expansive thinkers, the doers, the dreamers and the magick.

Whats coming next...

Think more events (when available), more store items, more community engagement! I can't wait to show you how big and beautiful this project will become.

Thank you again for your connection, support and commitment to your own wellbeing. May this summer take you higher, deeper and fuller.


- Carolyn

The High Priestess Spirals