Strange Times & Holidaze

It’s been some time since I’ve been on the blog. What a ride this year has been.

Just like so many others, 2020 has created much sacrifice, clarity, re-envisioning, and surrender for me.

Surrendering to what is through letting go of what could have been. Surrendering to nature’s sweeping intensity & agenda. Knowing that only through death, can we rebirth and renew, as hard as that’s been to accept.

It hasn’t been easy, not that it ever was anyway...

Yet here we are. Here I am with reserves of strength I didn't know existed and with new life in my belly. Preparing for newness with the reflections of the past.

And here’s what’s happening here at HPS...

My services have remained available and accessible although modified. I’m both relieved and grateful to share that 2020 has not halted me in my mission. I continue to provide the highest quality holistic & magickal education, sessions, and products on plant medicines and Wiccan/Pagan tradition.

There are new items to explore in the HPS STORE including special exclusive GIFT SETS such as these examples below!

If you haven’t visited the store recently, I’d love to invite you to do so. Check out the new format, items and navigation! I’d love your feedback. Oh and hey, I’m offering front door/mailbox drop offs locally (central Alberta) as well as Canadian wide shipping.

Even if you don’t shop with me this holiday season, I hope you do choose to shop with other local, ethically sourced businesses because your choices as a consumer make a difference.

And as always, I’m here to answer questions, provide honest considerations for your cannabis & wellness journeys and most of all to support your process towards a more authentic, empowered you.

Thanks for being here with me.

Much Love,


The High Priestess Spirals