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Cannabis Consultations


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15 Minute Phone Consult - FREE

1 Hour Consult (phone, zoom or in person) - $65

*includes a $25 store gift card*

1 1/2 Hour Consult (phone, zoom or in person) - $95

*includes a $25 store gift card*

Sessions can occur in your home, in a public setting, over a digital video platform or on the phone

Discounts available when booking 3 or more sessions and for compassionate care clients

You will be required to complete a questionnaire before the appointment date to assist in preparing the most relevant resources.

Sessions include a follow up with recap on notes, and relevant discussion points.

If you are booking ongoing sessions, we can create a custom package to fit your needs.


Carolyn will customize the use of time for your specific needs and to empower you to guide your own journey with education on

mindful cannabis applications including navigating purchasing options,

current research & science, considerations and making your own cannabis medicines. 

She will teach you how to work with the wisdom of this plant mindfully and with intention toward your goals, whether thats simply improved sleep and productivity, or as a supportive part of healing through chronic illness & disease.

Carolyn has supported many clients & caregivers on their cannabis & wellness journeys while working previously with a compassion club, and through years of training around various alternative healing methods.


With a quality & expanding network, she is able to refer to many kinds of Cannabis friendly practitioners to support a continuing process.

She has been graciously mentored, well read and always continuing education to bring a

current, compassionate and knowledgeable presence to every consultation. 

Please note, these sessions are for educational purposes only and to empower you with

additional knowledge & tools as you guide your own wellness journey.

She will always encourage you to communicate your goals with your entire healthcare team &

make choices with as much information as possible. 



Happy Healing 



Cannabis Ceremony

Discover personalized or group entheogenic Cannabis

The High Priestess Spirals will lead you through thoughtful ceremony & technique aimed to amplify awareness, self reflection, spiritual journey, or incorporated into your personal spiritual practice. 

Entheogenic Cannabis use has been confirmed as far back as 1400 BC and can be a powerful tool towards self actualization.

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