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The High Priestess Spirals

Welcome to The High Priestess Spirals, a sacred space for expansion, awareness and transformation.



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The Flower of Life Integrative Health


The High Priestess Spirals is a vision of creative collaboration, holistic wellness, equality, integrity and consciousness. 

Carolyn Corrigal (the guiding energy behind this project) brings a high frequency standard for all things wiccan, creative, holistic, and at times psychedelic. Seeking greater connection and community with individuals & organizations that honour sustainability, kindness and acceptance drive a desire to bring to life a place such as this which serves as a sacred circle & network of quality energies that can be trusted by those who seek the same. 

All of the offerings included here are chosen with the highest & most loving intentions, seeking to nourish our beings into greater health. Quality over quantity offerings to ensure only that which meets the mark are made available. 

Favouring Canadian made product standards that are cruelty free, ethically & sustainably sourced, and organic (or following organic practices if not certified organic). 

Favouring service recommendations which are knowledgable, inclusive, holistic and as natural as possible. 

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Reiki Master Certificate

2014 at Wholistix, Red Deer with Bettina

Shamanic Practitioner

2013-2014 Completed courses with

"The Foundation for Shamanic Studies"

Cannabis Consultant

2016-2018 Mentored with "The Flower of Life"

Qualified Cannabis Worker with AGLC

Compassionate Inquiry

2019-2020 Certiicate of Completion 

Dr. Gabor Mate's Year Long Compassionate Inquiry Course

Always continuing education through classes, books, workshops,

conferences & mentorships on varying subjects such as breath-work, yoga, meditation, psychology, addiction, body-mind, intuitive healing and more.